Addax Tactical has put together this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to help answer most of your questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email:

We have a number of firearms in stock, and we have some of these listed below in our Featured Product section below, plus we have new firearms and products arriving weekly. 

If you are looking for something in particular that we do not currently have in stock, or listed on our website, please contact us via email 

Due to certain states having unique firearms laws and restrictions on certain types of firearms, we can only sell / ship "State Compliant" models that are specifically manufactured or modified to meet, and address those specific state(s) laws and requirements.  
Certain restrictions apply, email us for more details:

All firearms and receivers that we have to ship, are only shipped to currently active (FFL) Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers.  

We are currently not accepting any new back orders for certain hard to find firearms until the supply situation with certain manufacturers (i.e. Colt, LMT, FNH) improves.

Thank you, 
Addax Tactical

Q) Can you order other Firearms (handguns, shotguns, rifles) or parts that might not be listed on your website?

A) Yes, we have access to thousands of different products and firearms from a wide variety of manufacturers.  please email us what you are looking for, and we will be able to help.  We will not be able to sell firearms that are restricted in your state, and it is your responsibility to understand your local and state firearms laws and restrictions.  Please email us to inquire about availability and price:

Q) Can I place a back order for hard to find Rifles, Handguns, Lower Receivers, Upper Receivers, Bolt Carrier Groups, and Barrels?

A) Due to the wide range of ETA's from most manufacturers on any new back orders, we are currently only taking  limited back orders for some products. Please email us for details, pricing and Estimated Delivery:

Q) How accurate are the ETA's / Lead Times that are being quoted for orders or back orders?

A) ETA's (Estimated Time of Arrival)
are not a delivery time promise, but rather an estimate.  The ETA's are estimates that are based on information provided by various manufacturers based on various factors such as current supply, current production estimates, future production estimates, and current market conditions.

ETA's can change at anytime for any reason with or without notice.  Addax Tactical is not responsible for any changes in ETA's from various manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Q) Do you have any other firearms or parts for sale at your store that might not be listed on your website?

A) Yes, we carry a variety of new and used / consignment firearms, plus we have parts for AR15's such as stocks, hand guards and other small parts.  

Q) Do you have a cancellation policy for back orders or special orders?

A) Please see our Store Policies Page for details: ADDAX STORE POLICIES

Q) Does Addax Tactical still build or make AR15 Piston Upper Receiver Assemblies?

A) We currently build a small number of AR15 Piston Uppers utilizing the CMMG and Adams Arms Piston System kits.

We no longer manufacture or build ZK Piston Uppers as of 2012.  We still support the ZK Piston Uppers we manufactured and built under a limited warranty (please see below for more details).

We no longer build Piston Uppers utilizing the PWS Piston Systems as of 2010.  Please see below for support/warranty information.

Q) Does Addax Tactical still Warranty or Support Piston Uppers using PWS Piston Systems?

-As of June 2013 we no longer are able to support nor do we have any spare parts for PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) based Addax Gas Piston Uppers (Short Stroke Piston or Long Stroke Piston Systems).

You will have to contact PWS directly for any Piston System related concerns or issues you are experiencing.


Q) Does Addax Tactical still Warranty or Support the ZK Piston Uppers?

-Addax ZK Gas Piston Upper comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that will only cover parts that are deemed to be defective by Addax Tactical. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from use, parts or finish wear and tear or parts breakage from prolonged use, or from miss-use, miss-handling, abuse, or the use of bad quality ammunition or reloads not loaded to factory / SAMMI specifications.

If you have any questions please contact us via email:

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